Marcie Berenson

Principal and Founder

Marcie grew up around market research, as her aunt was an interviewer for a large consumer market research firm. She accompanied her aunt on more than one project, which led to a curiosity about an MR career later in life. She started her career at a focus group facility in NJ, and learned the ropes doing every role in the facility, then ultimately running the facility. From there, she ran a large Philadelphia focus group facility before joining a global consultancy as the Director of Field Services. This is where she truly became expert in the global landscape of healthcare market research. She then held other similar roles in large MR companies, so on the “vendor side”. Her background of working both on the consultancy side and the recruiter side enables her to give the ultimate in client service. The team that she assembled at Connected Research has all been trained to perform in the same manner.

She decided to open Connected Research when she realized that automation had taken over recruiting and that too much automation was not necessarily a good thing. The human touch is still an important part of running successful projects.

Marcie volunteers on the Insights Association Florida Chapter as a Board Member, to give back to the industry.       

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, vegan cooking, weightlifting and completely spoiling her cat.


Steve Berenson

Director of Project Management

Catlin McAteer

Panel & Programming Admin

Glenn Harris

Director of Custom Recruiting

Medical Recruiters


Phillip “Phil” Berenson

Senior Project Manager
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Sherry Bowen

Associate Project Manager